From Butcher’s Rehab, DK: 13 tips on injury prevention

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  1. Define a clear goal for your training, and work dedicated towards that goal.
  2. Don’t do more than 3 WODs / week
  3. Practice gymnastic skills and strengthen your core
  4. Practice the olympic lifts and make sure to work on strength as well
  5. Use the different scaling options when you need them!
  6. Improve mobility in your ”problem areas” using different static stretches.
  7. Always do at least 10 minutes of warm-up prior to any kind of training. Use full body exercises, mobility drills and dynamic stretches. Remember to target your warm-up towards the activity that you are about to do. Don’t over-do the warm-up intensity – you should feel fresh and ready to start afterwards.
  8. Cool down after training, using gentle full body movements and static stretching (please note that there’s no scientific evidence that stretching reduces DOMS, but some research support the theory that stretching speeds up recovery).
  9. Make sure to recover well, and always have some rest days every week! (could be used on light recovery work like biking or swimming, but you could also spend the day with treatment, sauna or a nap on the couch).
  10. Eat a varied diet and avoid refined sugars, white flour and too much dairy. I find that ‘paleo’ works well with the sport.
  11. Keep focus on your ”mental stress” levels and avoid doing workouts when you have to much on your mind. In those periods, focus on light endurance and strength training. You could advantageously supplement with mobility exercises and meditation
  12. Think about keeping a good posture – not only in the gym, but in your everyday life. Make sure that you apply the good lifting techniques not only when lifting a barbel, but also when picking up your child or the groceries bags.
  13. Seek professional advice as soon as your body starts acting up!


Peter Dan Willén, physiotherapist and soon to be osteopath, daily treats ‘wounded’ crossfitters at Butcher’s Lab, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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