New Year’s Resolutions – Martina Barbaro

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  • Name: Martina Barbaro
  • Gym:  Reebok CrossFit Forgeria
  • Country: Italy
  • Ups and downs in 2012: Downs – spraining my right ankle in August (crushed badly on the floor climbing down the rope) and having to stop my programming for 3 weeks (especially lower body and WL exercises ) Ups – getting good results in the CF Open (5th place) and CF Regional (10th) although the super-high level of the female competitors
  • Expectations for 2013: To qualify for the CF Regional again aiming at a better ranking than last year!
  • Achieving the goals: Getting stronger with my WL & staying safe day by day!

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions – Martina Barbaro

  1. Martina, did you stop crossfitting entirely for 3 weeks or did you scale workouts while your ankle was jacked up? I rolled my ankle yesterday – bad sprain, lost lots of ROM – and would appreciate any tips on “one legged crossfit.” Congratulatons on your finishes in Open and Regionals.

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