New Year’s Resolutions – Ditte Jacobsen

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Name: Ditte Jacobsen

• Gym: Butcher’s Garage

• Country: Denmark

• A short summary of my training in 2012:

The headline for my training in 2012 has been ”train smarter – not more”. Making my way through the educational system has included more work, longer hours and thus less time for training in 2012. This has led me to think more about training planning and optimization of other factors such as nutrition and sleep. This is a definitly a work in progress, as I don’t expect 2013 to be any less challenging professionally. In 2011 and early 2012, I focused a lot on weightlifting to get ‘the basics’ in place. In late 2012 up til now, I’m getting back to the more ”general” form of CrossFit and I’m incorporating more gymnastics and just ‘plain’ CrossFit WODs.

• Ups and downs in 2012:

Finishing 4th at the European Regionals was both the major UP and DOWN of 2012. Overall, I was super proud of our team and my own performance in most workouts. But still, being so close was also a bittersweet feeling. With the level rising rapidly every year, you constantly wonder how long the chance of a top 3-finish will exist.

Downs: Results posted online during the Opens versus general performance at the Regionals. I realize that this might not be a popular opinion, but as someone who (according to the online rankings) barely qualified as an individual competitor, I was a bit confused when showing up at the Regionals and seeing the first events, and how some athletes’ performance turned out live. I agree with the argument that the cream will rise to the top, but beyond the obviously phenominal athletes in top 10 – the Opens in the current format leave a lot of room for error. I’m very interested to see if any changes to the format will be made this year.

Ups: Aside from my own personal PB’s and competition results, the biggest UP for me has been the development of the ‘competition team’ at Butcher’s Garage. We have a really large, humoristic, talented and dedicated group of 15+ people meeting up for training on a weekly basis. I am so happy and proud to be part of the group and to see the development of new ”talent”. I also had a really great trip to La Santa Sport in September, where Sarah, Philip and I had the opportunity to train some fantastic people.

• Expectations for 2013:

The overall training goal for me will still be qualifying for the CrossFit Games (with the team). I acknowledge that something might come up, or that odds might not be in our favour (like this year), but I want to stand on the last day of competion knowing that I did my best.

• How I will achieve my goals in 2013/new year resolutions

I have some overall ”principles” in my training life at the moment, and I expect to keep working on those in 2013.

→ I train my weak spots at the start of every training session.

→ I strive to implement weightlifting in at least 3 sessions every week (squats in every session).

→ I make sure to train with people that inspire me and that are stronger than me (in mind or body).

→ Through experimentation, research and curiosity, I try to optimize my training, sleep and nutrition with-in the ”frame-work” defined by my work- and social-life .

→ I refuse to be ”fanatic” and embrace all the goods that life has to offer outside the gym. Including cake 🙂


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