New Year’s Resolutions – Sarah Troelsen Krarup

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Name: Sarah Troelsen Krarup

• Gym: Butcher’s Garage

• Country: Denmark

• A short summary of my training in 2012:

  • After Regionals in 2012, I started following the Outlaw Way and focusing even more on my weaknesses to eliminate those.
  • My weightlifting training has finally paid off, and I’m lifting quite heavy by now.
  • In November 2012, my husband, my son and I moved to a house 10 km. outside of Copenhagen which naturally has forced me to plan my training even more in detalis and finding a new gym close by for shorter late night training sessions.

• Ups and downs in 2012:


  • Finishing 4th at the Regionals. Soo close byt not good enough.
  • Not doing well enough in some local CrossFit competitions in the spring/summer (in the long run, it doesn’t matter so much though).
  • Poor judging seems to be a problem in the CrossFit community – I hope this part will be fixed soon.


  • Snatching 70 kg and C&J’ing 80 kg in a competition was a big milestone for me. After I reached that, my training has been so FUN and I feel I have passed a mental and physical barrier – now I’m just eager to lift more. Right now, I’m chasing a 90 kg clean and a 70+ kg snatch. That’s fun!
  • Participated in the Nordic Weightlifting Competition for Seniors and lifted for the Danish National Team and my club – our female team (Karina, Lise and I) won bronze.
  • Ditte Jacobsen, Philip Hargett and I have been on a training camp to La Santa Sport in the fall – that was really a great week.
  • Ditte Jacobsen and I have been participating in 2 challenging compeitions in the fall 2012 where we did really well together as a team and finished 2nd (Frontline Challenge, Sweden) and 1st (CrossFit/Weightlifting competition, Denmark).

• Expectations for 2013:

  • My dream goal is to qualify for the CrossFit Games with our team in 2013.
  • I’m looking forward to another great year of training. I’m turning 34 years in the beginning of 2013, and I’m happy never to have been injured, and still able to train with and compete against the younger crossfitters 🙂

• How I will achieve my goals in 2013

  • I will keep on lifting 3-4 x per week with my coach.
  • I will stick to the Outlaw Way principles – it’s fun, hard and challenging for me.
  • I will keep on working on my weaknesses and implement them in WODs

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