Do you, like us, love everything related to squatting ? Here’s some of the stuff that you shouldn’t be missing out on.  Also remember, Christmas is the perfect holiday for an extra squatting session. – Ditte & Sarah

Coolest motivational poster:


Tried and tested “Russian Squat” App:

Squat Cycle is a simple app for designing and tracking a “Russian Squat Cycle” — an intense training routine designed to increase one’s overall lifting ability. The squat cycle implemented here is an approximately six week course, with three sessions per week, that should result in an increase in a single-rep squat by 105% of the lifter’s current single-rep max. These cycles are designed for squats, but can be applicable to various presses, too.

Squat Cycle does the following:

– Generates a Russian Squat Cycle schedule, based on your current lifting ability (one-rep max is the most accurate, but the app can interpret higher rep lifts into a single-rep lift).

– Lets you track your progress through this cycle, including reminders for rest days.

– Stores past lifting sessions, including actual weight, reps, and sets if they differ from the prescription.


How much should you lift?

Strength standards in squats:

The 10 squat commandments (

1) Half squats produce half results

2) NOT squatting is bad for the knees

3) Heels down, chest up, knees out, butt back

4) The deeper you squat, the better your ass will look

5) Never use the tampon bar. Ever

6) Squat machine squats AREN’T  squats

7) If the russians are doing it, you should too

8) The squat is the foundation of all fitness programs

9) Women are encouraged to out-squat their partners

10) You ain’t squat if you can’t squat


2 thoughts on “WE LOVE SQUATS

  1. today was going to be a rest day for me. However after
    reading the article, or more importantly, looking at the image with
    the accompanying text about how somewhere some hot chick is warming
    up with my max……today will no longer be a rest day! that squat
    cycle sounds awesome, thanks for the heads up on that.

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