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Tired of being told that your arms are “manly” or that your thighs are too big for regular jeans?? – consider reading this positive little ode to CrossFit women. 


I want to dropkick a Chihuahua into an active volcano every time a photo of a beautiful woman is posted on the interweb and some needle-dicked, ass-hat says something stupid like, “What’s ‘his’ name?” We know damn well that’s bullshit.

The skinny-fat worship prevalent in pop culture is partly at work here. Couple that with natural insecurity and malcontent Internet trolls, and you have a perfect environment for the greater Internet fuckwad theory to proliferate.


Angels have wings. CrossFitters have epic latissimus dorsi. Lifting, rowing and a fuck-ton of pull-ups build lats that cannot be contained by the pittance of lycra comprising the sides of a sports bra. Thank god.

Women have had it backwards all along. They’ve spent decades trying to make their waists smaller when they should have been building bigger lats — that’s where that nicely tapered shape comes from — not the other way around.

Read the full article here:



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