Crossfitters around the world

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We’re starting a chain letter by introducing you to crossfitters from around the world in 2013.

The concept is easy: the last featured athlete has the responsibility of forwarding the questions to a friend from the CrossFit community and help collecting the answer within 1 week.

We’re excited to introduce lots of crossfitters from all over the world with super interesting stories to share in 2013!

Ditte & Sarah

First athlete is….

Name: Kenni Palmer

CrossFit Gym: Currently a coach and member at CrossFit Temecula South (So Cal Region). Began at NorCal CrossFit (Nor Cal region). Was also at CrossFit Hove while getting my MA in England.

Crossfitting since: 2010

Favorite WOD + time: Grace (2:20 Women’s RX’d; 9:48 Men’s RX’d)

Favorite lift + kg/lbs: Clean 177lb/80kg

Your best experience through CrossFit:
The community it provided for me when I moved abroad. I knew no one in England, and simply packed a few suitcase and jumped on a plane. Once there, I was bit older (and incredibly foreign) compared to my coursemates, so it was difficult making friends. The box I joined, on the other hand, created a social and support circle for me within my first week of training there. They became a family to me through the trails and tribulations of being a foreigner, a Master’s student, and a CF competitor. I will forever be grateful for their immediate kindness to a stranger with the same passion, and I strive to help bolster an amazing community in my box today because of it.

CrossFit to you is….
Something that makes me a better, happier person. I cannot image my life right now without the sport and the people that support me within it.

Your top 3 CrossFit tips:

(1) EVERY REP COUNTS! WHEN YOUR COACH SAYS THIS, EFFING BELIEVE THEM!!!! (see story here: A single rep in a competition for me recently won me $1,000.

(2) Lift shit up and put it down. Sorry, I have to use a link again;

Prove the planet fitness people in that advert that being into strength training doesn’t make you an idiot meathead. In fact, it makes you bloody awesome. The greatest gains I have seen in ANY sports training is when barbell and strength work are an integral part of programming. Lifting regularly and well is vital. And women look super badass when they can outlift their boyfriends.

(3) Talk about CrossFit often. My non-crossfitting friends hate this, however I think it’s important for a multitude of reasons. First, it gets you excited and creates positive reinforcement for you to keep going and work harder. It also may get a few of your friends on board to try CrossFit. This then makes you have more and more CF friends, which can only be a good thing, as it transforms your life. Suddenly, your social circle is starting to fill with healthier eaters, people that look for active things to do together, folks that encourage you to train and maintain a healthy lifestyle, etc.. And the more “personal” CrossFit becomes to the regular world, the less scary it is for your grandma, your overweight neighbor, and the guy with “the bad knees.” I love this sport. I want others to experience the life changing program and community that is CrossFit.



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