Nice to know / Need to know about Good CrossFit Etiquette


Nice to know:

  • Don’t train your girlfriend / Never date your clients (it works the other way around too – don’t date your trainer)
  • Do as much work as possible in the smallest amount of time possible. But you still have to do the work properly
  • DO. YOUR. MOBILITY. It’s cool to be a supple leopard and it will improve your positions in your lifts
  • If you’re doubting whether your squat is deep enough, you’re NOT deep enough.
  • Crossfit slogans sound fun – the first three months
  • Never stop squatting
  • Make sure there’s a lot of room on your iPhone ’cause you’ll be making movies of yourself all the time (PS: please learn how to film yourself, or people around you will get seriously tired)
  • Go easy on the CrossFit Uniform (limit merchandise items to 1 at a time + reconsider long socks and pony tails, unless you are one of the few out of a million who can really pull it off)
  • Weightlifting shoes are cool, but remember they are made for weightlifting. Don’t wear them in workouts that don’t contain weightlifting exercises – and don’t wear them for max effort deadlifts (if you are uncertain about why, just google it).
  • Online behavior: By now we all know Instagram, please limit use. Unless you are a Michelin-starred chef and share your recipes, we don’t care what you eat – please don’t photo document it every time you have an omelet! Go easy on the “what I did at the gym today” updates – get a blog and give people a choice.

Need to know:

“Board shorts are for the beach, five fingers are for the privacy of your own home and don’t listen to anyone who starts talking about “functional” training” – The Kyle

  • Don’t cheat – it makes it harder to track progress and others don’t care about YOUR time ..
  • Don’t complain about stuff you haven’t learned yet – it creates a bad atmosphere ! Stay positive and PUT IN THE HOURS
  • Know when to scale – and be honest to yourself
  • Reconsider scaling options if you have to use more than 1 powerband / thicker powerband than purple. It’s primarily a safety issue (you can get really stuck in those!), but also a style issue (picture hanging from the pull-up rack with your feet curled up in a powerband and the top of you butt exposed).
  • Keep friends, hobbies and interests outside of CrossFit. You’ll be a more balanced person and more fun to hang around in the long run.

Is something missing from the list? Please share in comments!

/Sarah & Ditte


2 thoughts on “Nice to know / Need to know about Good CrossFit Etiquette

  1. Hahaha, fedt 🙂
    Never stop squatting!

  2. Don’t brag about your torn hands – you cannot train
    properly for the next 10 days, there is nothing cool about

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