Must read article: “Mobility For Sitting On Your Ass All Day”

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Article written by Jay Stadtfeld for
Many of our daily jobs involve sitting down for an extended amount of time, whether we work at a desk all day, or sit around at night watching TV. As one would imagine, this isn’t good for our bodies and can lead to postural decline and deterioration in the range of motion of a joint. Not good things for anyone, much less an athlete who is apt to attempt performing at their best.
Mobility is defined as, “The ease with which a joint or series of joints is able to move before being restricted by the surrounding structures.”
As you should be able to deduce, as our lives become more sedentary, we get tighter. As a functional human, we have three rights: Train heavy, bang often, and go forage for our food. If you can’t squat, you can’t carry your kill home, nor your wife (or husband, though if you can, he needs to eat) to the bedroom, which would complete the second right, “bang often”.

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