Butcher’s Classics 3.0 – Competition Review

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Last weekend Butcher’s Garage hosted the 3rd “classics” competition, where the athletes have to compete in well-known/named workouts. This time, the theme was “CrossFit Games” and 31 men + 13 women participated.

First event was the military o-lane, but unfortunately this had to be cancelled at the very last minute. All the athletes then headed back to the garage for events 2-5.

Event 2 was the clean ladder. The ladder for women started at 30 kg and ended at 90 kg. Only 1 woman, Emelie Smiding from CrossFit Malmö finished the ladder with an impressive 90 kg power clean. Three men, Philip Hargett (Butcher’s Garage), Malte Rommedahl (OBBC) and Joakim Törnvi (CrossFit 360) finished the men’s clean ladder with a 140 kg clean. Overall winner was Philip Hargett with 140 kg clean + 25 deadlifts in the remaining time (athletes had 50 sec in total to do the clean + amrap deadlifts to break the tie).

Event 3 consisted of 2 workouts 3a + 3b. The first was an amrap of 7 deadlifts (140/90 kg), 14 alternating pistols and 21 double-unders. After a 2 min re-set, athletes had 90 sec to establish a 1 RM shoulder-to-overhead anyhow. The result were the combined placement for the 2 wods. For the women, Sarah Troelsen Krarup (Butcher’s Garage) and Emelie Smiding ended up tied for 1st place and for the men, Mads Buuge (CrossFit Aalborg) took first place.

Event 4 was the chipper from CrossFit Games ’09, but with a few modifications. Some of the women struggled with the heavy thrusters (40 kg), but in the end most made it to the rings and the result were based on the ability to perform muscle-ups. Winner again was Emilie Smiding, who made it all the way through the 10 muscle-ups. The men also struggled in the rings, but some made it all the way through the workout within the time limit of 18 mins. Philip Bengtsson (CrossFit Malmö) and Anders Lundgaard (Butcher’s Lab) had an intense sprint for the finish-line. In the end, Philip Bengtsson was able to keep going at the overhead lunges and that got him the victory.

The final was an amrap of 4 deficit HSPU, 8 KB swings and 12 GHD sit-ups. Only 6 men and 6 women participated in the final, where Emma Rosengren (CrossFit 360) won an impressive victory, with 7 completed rounds. Philip Bengtsson won the final event for the men, and showed great control over the parallettes.

Overall standings:

1. Emilie Smiding (CrossFit Malmö)

2. Emma Rosengren (CrossFit 360)

3. Sarah Troelsen Krarup (Butcher’s Garage)

4. Ditte Jacobsen (Butcher’s Garage)

5. Sidsel Pedersen (Butcher’s Garage)

6. Maj-Brith Reffeldt (Butcher’s Lab)

– – –

1. Philip Bengtsson (CrossFit Malmö)

2. Joakim Leo Törnvi (CrossFit 360)

3. Mads Buuge (CrossFit Aalborg)

4. Anders Lundgaard (Butcher’s Lab)

5. Kasper Wildfang Hansen (Butcher’s Lab)

6. Martin Wolder (CrossFit Aalborg)




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