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If you are interested in exploring some of the principles behind the Paleo diet, this review is a place to start. We should ‘warn’ you that it might take some time to read through it all, but if you have the time it’s full of interesting (and documented) viewpoints.

Excerpts from the article:

Diets come, and diets go. And like fashion, if you wait long enough, what is now out will eventually return — but with a twist, so you can’t dust off the old books, but instead have to buy new ones. And when you think about it, that only makes sense. After all, food really falls into one of only three groups: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. So all diets are pretty much restricted to mixing things up within those three groups — thus the repetition. Ahh, but given those limitations, there is still infinite variety — thus the ever new diet programs.

And now it is the turn of the Paleo Diet (also known as the Paleolithic Diet, or Caveman Diet) to sweep the nation…


I find the theory behind the Paleo Diet to be somewhat distorting of facts and highly inconsistent within its own logic. We’ve discussed a number of those inconsistencies already and will explore several more in a moment. However, it is important to keep in mind that just because an underlying theory may be wrong does not mean that the program itself is without value. For example, at one time, people believed that the sun was a golden chariot driven by a god that crossed the sky — a theory that many scientists now believe to be flawed. Nevertheless, belief in that flawed theory didn’t stop ancient peoples from being able to track the sun so accurately that they could determine the vernal equinoxes to the day hundreds of years in advance — knowledge essential for agricultural societies. So once again, let me state that theory aside, the Paleo Diet has much to recommend it. But before we go there, let’s examine a few more of the theoretical inconsistencies.

Read the full article here:


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