2013 Open prep list of trends

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This Open Prep post was posted by Bryce Wood from CrossFit Chicago just after finishing Opens 2012.

I know, it’s finally over, but I can’t help but look at what has happened over the last two years of the open. I think about this because nothing makes me happier as a coach to have our athletes fully prepared and ready to tackle anything. The question now is how to we better prepare ourselves for success in the 2013 CrossFit Open.

This is my list of trends of how to improve your score in the CrossFit Games Open:

1. Conditioning and AMRAPs – Personally, I am not a fan of time priority workouts, because I am not the best at pacing workouts, but my conditioning this year is far from where it needed to be. Conditioning is still king for for the open because few of the workouts have shown to be obnoxiously heavy. If AMRAP’s are not your thing, start thinking about good scores for workouts, and find your way to pace yourself to maintain enough energy to be able to finish your workout strong and not putter out at the end.

Side note – BE LEAN! If you look at the top CrossFitter’s out there, they all have low bodyfat. When it comes to anything involving your body weight, the less fat you have on your body the less work you have to do!

2. Stonger Squat – I just say you need to get your squat stronger, because to be honest with you, having a lot of skill in wall balls and thrusters isn’t going to be advantageous as just being able to squat heavier weight. Wall balls are just going to suck if you’re 5’7″ or under for a guy or 5’3″ or under for a girl. So, the best way to get better is just to improve your squat.

3. Stronger Pulls – Muscle-up technique is important, but even more important is to just be able to be able to do heavier weighted pull-ups. When your weighted pull-up is higher chest-to-bar pull-ups and muscle-ups become a lot easier. I like watching people get their first muscle-up, but when you look at the majority of our athletes who are good at muscle-ups and chest-to-bar pull-ups, they have monster weighted pull-up numbers.

4. Olympic Lifting – Being skilled in the Olympic lifts is always going to be beneficial for getting you a few more reps in the volume Olympic lifts. The more you’ve practiced and perfected pulling under the bar well, the less work you’ll have to do in these workouts. Being stronger absolutely is beneficial, but If you don’t practice pulling under the bar in workouts consistently it won’t become habit. Watch anyone who was successful on 12.2, and they were strong, but also had stronger technique.

5. Double-Unders – It may seem like a stupid skill to those of you who don’t like doing them, but they’ve been there the last two years. Learn how to be better at single-unders first, and double-unders will become easier. Jumping rope in itself is a good skill to have, don’t limit your jump rope practice to only doing double-unders. The more you fine tune your technique the easier they become, and the less work you’ll have to do every time you see double-unders in your workouts.

If being successful in the Open or in CrossFit in general is important to you, increase your capacity in this list, and I can guarantee you’ll be more successful in 2013. Your training starts today.


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