CrossFit Equipment List

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The sport of fitness offers lots and of lots of gear. Some gear more useful than other. Here’s a useful CrossFit equipment list: 

  • Wrist wraps and straps

I use wrist wraps for weightlifting, overhead movements, dips and handstand push-ups etc. There are many kinds of wrist wraps. Casall and Eleiko’s wrist wraps are great, long lasting and super supportive. I use straps for some weightlifting movements/pulls (mostly for 2-4 repetitive reps) – and never in CrossFit. Eleiko produces great, thin leather straps for small hands.

  • Lifting belt

You don’t need 3 lifting belts (powerlifting belt, weightlifting belt and velcro belt) in order to be a successful crossfitter! I use my lifting belt for weightlifting and for lots and lots of WODs. Consider a thinner belt (weightlifting belt instead of a powerlifting belt), which works well for both powerlifting, weightlifting and CrossFit WODs. Casall and Eleiko offer great belts – and I’ve had mine from Casall for 3+ years now.

  • Shoes

“Don’t be the guy with the 200$ shoes and the 10$ squat!” You don’t need to buy new, super expensive weightlifting shoes each season. There are plenty of cheap, great weightligting shoes which last forever – and also worn by olympic champions. My favorites are by Adidas Power Perfect and are quite cheap and actually ok for box jumps, burpees etc. (can be bought for under 1,000 DKK in the weightlifting environment in Denmark). Reebok’s Nanos are great for normal WODs, I’ve heard – I just tend to wear my weightlifting shoes for everything.

  • Apps

Coach’s eye (but not fore every lift), Ubersense, and (tabata) timer.

  • Jump rope

I like the speed ropes from Rogue Fitness.

  • Thin power band

Thin power bands are great (for women) in order to get some extra pull-ups or ring dips in the book, for stretching and for practising bar muscle-ups etc. I always have the thin red band in my back – and make sure to use it in order to get all my strict BW work done.

  • Other great stuff (which I wish I had in my bag)

Sports tape, a great bar, a banana or a shake. I never tear my hands anymore, so I’ve never really been a glove or sports tape person. I do wear gloves for rope climbs when allowed. They’re super cheap and from the local craftman’s store, Silvan.

That’s it – happy Valentine’s Day to all!



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