Great article: When to Move on, and When to Punch Your Missed Lift in its Stupid Little Mouth

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snatch fail


“There are two basic responses following a missed lift: To accept it and move on, or to refuse to fail and fight back. Neither is always the best choice, and it isn’t always easy to know how to proceed after a missed lift.”


Here’s a great article by Catalyst Athletics describing when to move on and when to keep on trying getting a lift. The approach is great, and crossfitters could learn alot here! We’ve been using the same approach since we started weightlifting and it’s has given great results instead of frustrations (which we experienced a lot previously).

Read the entire article here:

We’re looking forward to a great weekend training with our new friendship CrossFit Gym from Sweden (stay tuned)! Have a great weekend!

/Ditte & Sarah


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