We recommend: DIY CrossFit Equipment and Inspiration


We love the “End of Three Fitness” blog by Jerred – a training enthusiast that offers tips on everything from mental training, CrossFit to do-it-yourself fitness equipment.



Excerpt from the article: Fitness Freedom Isn’t Free

In 2009 I discovered CrossFit. I wasn’t fully sold on the whole thing, but I figured I would give it a try. I tried a few of the workouts, learned the Olympic lifts, and much to my dismay, I learned how to do a kipping pull-up.

The immediate response from all the normal gym-goers…

What the hell are you doing?

The big dudes wanted to tell me that I was doing pull-ups wrong and the Olympic lifters told me I was doing too many reps for Olympic lifts in my CrossFit workouts.

Literally, people would walk up to me and tell me my fitness was incorrect and here is how I should do it.

The thing that confused me, was that when I was just lifting weights for bodybuilding; you know making the loud noises when doing bicep curls, having a chest and back day…ugh, anyway, when I was doing that style of fitness, no one ever spoke to me. I was well within the fitness norm, I had not shaken the status quo and people accepted my normalcy. The second I stepped outside of that box and tried some new things…people had problems.

That’s when I built my first DIY project – The Rings.

In an attempt to get away from “the experts” I would go out to a field with some of my friends and we would flip logs and tires, while incorporating some ring work and running. It was great, but you can only do those few things so many times. However, what I enjoyed the most was no one bothered me…ever.

Check out the DIY corner here, with lot’s of inspiration for your home/ garage gym



2 thoughts on “We recommend: DIY CrossFit Equipment and Inspiration

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, and the kind words!

  2. No problem, love your site 🙂 – Ditte

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