Competition review: Danish Championships in Weightlifting 2013 (great CrossFit participation)

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72 athletes had qualified for the Danish Championships in weightlifting 2013 (24 women and 48 men) which was held on Saturday 23rd February 2013.

Ditte and I both had a great competition with fine lifts and results. Ditte finished 2nd in the 69 kg. class, and I won the 75 kg class. Not bad for two crossfitters…

This year, the Danish Weightlifting Federation broke the participant record with 72 qualified participants – and it was great to see lots and lots of crossfitters having qualified and making GREAT results. 15+ active crossfitters had qualified and participated – and believe even more if we count the athletes who switched from CrossFit to pure weighlifting. GREAT FOR THE SPORT OF WEIGHTLIFTING – and for the development of CrossFit!


Here are the results from the most known persons from the Danish CrossFit scene: 

  • 105+ kg class: Thor Wowk Larsen (107/136 kg), 5th
  • 105 kg class: Troels Bjerre (122/130 kg), 3rd
  • 105 kg class: Jesper Hørby Olsen (105/130 kg), 5th
  • 105 kg class: Philip Hargett (100/130 kg), 6th
  • 105 kg class: Anders Galaly (98/118 kg), 8th
  • 94 kg class: Morten Salling Gudnitz (97/120 kg), 3rd
  • 94 kg class: Tobias Engberg (85/110), 8th
  • 85 kg class: Nicolai Mainz (87/116 kg), 7th
  • 85 kg class: Christoffer Korfitsen (84/116 kg), 10th
  • 77 kg class: Steffen Andersen (93/112 kg), 2nd
  • 75 kg class: Sarah Troelsen Krarup (71/85 kg), 1st
  • 69 kg class: Ditte Jacobsen (56/72 kg), 2nd
  • 69 kg class: Maya Schröder (52/60 kg), 3rd (and actually veteran lifter)
  • 63 kg class: Pia Simonsen (48/73 kg), 2nd
  • 58 kg class: Sara Ellegaard (57/73 kg), 2nd

See the summary and result lists (in Danish) here by the Danish Weightlifting Federation:

See my personal summary here:

See a summary by here incl. videos of the lifts here:



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  1. Anyone with the first name of “thor” should be a beast…….

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