Recommended Reading: Footwear for CrossFitters – What you need and why it matters

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What footwear you need for CrossFit is always a subject of debate. We recently came across this blog post on the subject which deals with some of the ‘classics’… Off course you could add some of the newer models to the list. If you have any great tips on footwear that you want to share, please contact us! – Sarah & Ditte

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars– Your WOD Staple: 

This is your jack-of-all-trade shoe that is suitable for any and every workout you do, along with being fashionable enough to be a pair of casual shoes for every day living.  I recommend getting a pair of these as soon as you can.

Reasons you want this shoe:

  • Good value for money – if you buy them from the US, they run around the US$35 mark, meaning even for Aussies its cheaper to buy 2-3 pairs from the US and get them shipped over (they cost around AU$90 ea. otherwise).
  • Hardwearing – which is great because you tend to trash your shoes during CrossFit workouts, if you pick up 2-3 pairs you can cycle them and get longer lives for each pair.
  • A flat, non-compressible sole – important for power transmission to the floor, meaning you’re not wasting your efforts during olympic or weightlifting movements and, ideally, they’ll encourage you to run correctly i.e. landing on the forefoot
  • Non-tapered sole (i.e. same heigh at heel as at toe) so you’re not compromising your movement by putting your feet in a mechanically disadvantageous position,
  • Its basically a minimalist shoe – so its lightweight and is about the ‘least amount of shoe’ you can get away with – which is ideally what we want to let your feet do what they were designed to.

A pair of high-quality weightlifting shoes, such as Do-Win’s or Adidas Ironwork II’s – your standard choice for Olympic lifting and strength training. While these are not technically ‘essential’, they are amazingly useful and very worthwhile if you can afford a pair.  You will seriously know the difference these can make to your training once you’ve done a heavy squat session in a pair – you’ll never want to go back to anything else.

Reasons why you want this shoe:

  • Complete heel stability – weightlifting shoes typically have a 3/4 inch solid wooden heel, which for all intents and purposes is completely incompressible.  This is terrific for weightlifting movements as it means all the force you apply through your feet winds up shifting the weight you’re trying to move, rather than being wasted in compressing the material in the heel of the shoe.  Additionally, it increases the stability of your feet during the fast lifts (snatch, clean, jerk) and improves your chances of sticking them.
  • A slightly raised heel – while not absolutely necessary, they can allow a better setup and receiving position to be achieved in your cleans and snatches.  This is  due (largely) to the fact that slightly raising the heel allows us to overcome some ankle flexibility issues that may restrict you in the bottom position.  Still, you should be working on this rather than avoiding the problem with your shoes…
  • They look badass – even if you can’t lift like a champion, at least you’ll look like one lifting in a pair of these :)

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