Great tips on approaching Open WOD 13.1

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Coaching Roundtable: CrossFit Games Open 13.1

Below are some great tips on how to approach the Open WOD 13.1.


Ditte & Sarah

For bar loading purposes everyone will be different because of the myriad of plate combinations at each gym. We do, however, recommend staging the plates as you can see Daniel has done in the video. Also, please make sure to watch his change-over of the plates from 75# to 135#. This is a technique that we actually spent some time practicing with the camp, and after watch the Foucher video (where she takes almost two total minutes for the change-overs), we believe this helped save no less than a full minute of wasted time. Watch especially how Daniel straddles the bar, facing out, and slides the plate off in one motion after removing the collar. DO NOT take these change-overs lightly. Akinwale took exactly 60 seconds for all changes, that’s exactly 53 seconds faster than Foucher. Everything is everything! (Outlaw Way).


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