2013 CrossFit Open: Week 1 Review

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Re-blooging The RX Review’s review of CrossFit Open week 1

After four days of burpees and snatches, the first week of the 2013 CrossFit Open is now officially over!

Today, the leaderboards have been officially finalized by HQ with more than 130,000 athletes registering their scores for workout 13.1.

In the end it was Neal Maddox who posted the best score in the men’s division with 199 reps, while 2010 Games Champion Kristan Clever scored 211 to lead the females half.

But reigning Games champions Annie Thorisdottir and Rich Froning are right behind them, both in second place overall.

Other big names in the men’s division include 2008 Games champion Jason Khalipa who is 3rd overall after posting 196 reps, 2009 Games Champion Mikk Salo in 10th place with 191 reps and the returning Josh Bridges in 6th position.

Last year’s runner-up at the Games, Matt Chan, scored 169 reps to be 884th place worldwide, showing that his knee injuries are still a concern.

Other notable scores in the female’s half include Samantha Briggs, who scored 205 to sit in 3rd place, Aussie Amanda Allen who completed 196 to be 38th overall and Julie Foucher who is in 52nd place with 195 reps.

Jenny LaBaw also put in an impressive performance, scoring 150 reps with virtually one leg, after breaking her foot during a bike accident earlier this month.

In the Team division, CrossFit Milford upset a few of the bigger name teams to lead the pack after week 1. CrossFit Reykjavík is right behind them in 2nd place, while reigning Affiliate Cup champions Hack’s Pack UTE is 8th overall.

Here is a look at how the leaderboards stand after workout 13.1:


Men's Leaderboard After Workout 13.1

Men’s Leaderboard After Workout 13.1


Women's Leaderboard After Workout 13.1

Women’s Leaderboard After Workout 13.1


Team's Leaderboard After Workout 13.1

Team’s Leaderboard After Workout 13.1



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