Rich Froning 2010 vs Rich Froning 2012 (article from the RX review)


This article is indeed interesting reading material, especially now that the 2013 Games season is upon us. The level of the Games athletes increases on a yearly basis – and their stats are getting still more and more superhuman. This article from the RX review compares Rich Froning 2010 to Rich Froning 2012 – Impressive!!

Who knows what will happen in 2013?

– Sarah and Ditte


I like Rich Froning just as much as the next guy, and he is a great athlete to benchmark off of…if you like being depressed.

Recently I stumbled across his athlete profile from the 2010 CrossFit Games, the first games in which he competed, and decided to do a little comparison. His progression over the last two years is quite impressive.

 Rich Froning – 2010      Rich Froning – 2012     Increase  
Height 5’8″ Height 5’10″ 2.9%
Weight 185 lb. Weight 195 lb. 5.4%
Fran 2:30 Fran 2:17 8.6%
Grace 2:10 Grace 1:20 38.5%
Fight Gone Bad 375 Fight Gone Bad 504  34.4%
Clean & Jerk 255 lb. Clean & Jerk 325 lb. 27.4%
Snatch 200 lb. Snatch 270 lb.  35%
Deadlift 455 lb. Deadlift 525 lb.  15.4%
Back Squat 365 lb. Back Squat 425 lb.  16.4%

I am not sure if he actually grew two inches in two years or if the stats are being padded a little bit like in the NFL. Either way, overall, the guy is quite impressive.

The main thing I want to point out is not only the progression of Rich Froning, but also the progression of the CrossFit Games. In 2010 Rich placed 2nd overall in the Games. However, as I look at his stats from 2010, they are impressive, but really not that impressive.

I know plenty of guys, now, who can achieve most of his 2010 stats and will not be at the Games this year. Still great achievements, but now the Games are evolving as more and more athletes go for the title. The athletes are getting more serious. Had Rich stayed where he was at or only progressed a little, he wouldn’t have made it to any future Games.

The CrossFit Games set out to find the fittest man and woman on earth, and as they move forward the standards get higher and higher. It is incredibly impressive to see the numbers and times athletes are starting to throw out in arenas around the world.

What’s most impressive is the fact that the same athletes manage to get to the Games over and over. If Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa or Chris Spealler were to compete against a ‘two-year-ago’ version of themselves…they would destroy themselves.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again; the CrossFit Games is still very much in it’s infancy. People will become more accustomed to CrossFit competition and bodies will reach their max potential. Once this happens, who wins the CrossFit Games will be a matter of inches, milliseconds and half repetitions.

Judging by the impressive statistical improvements these number show in just two years, I think it is fair to say we are yet to see the best of Froning and other competitors as the sport of CrossFit continues to be fostered.

Jerred Moon

Author: Jerred Moon

Jerred is a CrossFit addict, wanna-be adrenaline junkie, heavy lifter, loving husband and proud father. He is the creator of The Ultimate WOD Log and also runs the End of Three Fitness website, where he is trying to help others break the mold and join the revolution of fitness non-conformity.

3 thoughts on “Rich Froning 2010 vs Rich Froning 2012 (article from the RX review)

  1. And now he hit a 300lb snatch a few weeks ago. Shows that he is still improving at an impressive rate! Crazy!

  2. Interesting, would love to read about what he does for such recovery!

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