Don’t Be Gym Stupid – 7 Things CrossFitters Shouldn’t Do



Found this fun/informative article from about stupid gym behavior. I’ve rearranged it a bit to focus on the things that are most relevant to CrossFitters. I hope that you’ll like it – Ditte 

1. Don’t Open Your Mouth When You Can Open Your Ears

Just because you’ve discovered CrossFit, it doesn’t mean that you’ve all of a sudden become an exercise physiologist.

You might think you have something really important to say, or some super rare knowledge to share, but let me break this down for you – you don’t.

There are people out there that are way smarter than you that you need to be listening to. Open up your ears and you might actually learn a thing or two.

Conclusion: Go easy on the preaching – most people don’t care about how you got your overhead squat from 40 to 50 kg. 

2. Don’t Hop On All Diet Bandwagons

Anyone out there still on the Zone Diet? I rest my case.

3. Don’t Think You’re Above Skepticism

Don’t believe everything you read. Just don’t do it. Sure, there is a lot of well-researched and reputable information out there, but there’s also a lot of garbage in the CrossFit world.

While one guy might say something about so-and-so, another might say the exact opposite. Take everything with a grain of salt.

4. Don’t Assume You Are Smarter Than Your Body

Your body is beyond smart – it’s like a freakin’ 23rd century robot. Don’t forget to listen to it. Learn to distinguish “good” pain from “bad” pain. Get a professional to perform a movement screen, and work on weak and tight muscles. Lower back pain and shoulder injuries are some of the most frequently reported issues amongst CrossFitters – so pay special attention to these body parts.

I know, you don’t want to wimp out. All of your friends will see it as weakness and call you terrible names. Well, suck it up. Pain is not just random. If you’re feeling serious sharp pain anywhere in your body, something is wrong and probably needs to be fixed.

If you continue to work through the pain, you are soon going to be looking at the long and arduous road of rehab.

The point is – your body is smart. It will compensate for individual muscle weakness. You need to address each and every weakness you have in order to avoid increased imbalance and eventually injury.

5. Don’t Think You Are Too Advanced To Warm-Up

You might think you’re too advanced to dedicate 10 minutes of your session to warming your muscles and stimulating the central nervous system, but I guarantee you that your body is thinking that you’re not too advanced for injury.

Stepping into the gym and immediately hitting the iron /or starting on the muscle-ups is not the ideal way to go. You run with the increased risk of injury and decreased performance. Spend a few minutes performing a low-intensity mobility and soft tissue warm-up followed by a specific warm-up before event thinking about doing the WOD.

6. Don’t Ignore The Importance Of Strength

I don’t care what anyone tells you – without a solid base of strength, your 1000 unbroken double-unders are worthless. Absolute strength is king – especially in CrossFit. Getting stronger will make prescribed weights relatively easier.  Don’t worry about getting “muscle-bound”. If you worry, google ‘Rich Froning’.

7. Don’t Think Goals Are Just For Idealists

Goals provide motivation like you don’t even know. They may prove useful to anyone, especially those who constantly need to see some kind of improvement. Develop goals for every aspect of your life.

It may seem a little stupid, but when you accomplish even the smallest one you get a pretty wonderful feeling inside. Set goals for your workouts, lifts and skills.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Gym Stupid – 7 Things CrossFitters Shouldn’t Do

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  2. What you say is true, but there are gyms out there that deliver a “cross fit” type experience without the BS. My current provider offers the same intensity, with a personal touch. We have small classes of “average Joes”. There is one trainer for every 2 students. They get to know you and what you can and can’t do. They stress form…perfect every time….rather than weight. When you are struggling, they offer tips and support. I truly believe that they want me to be strong. I agree that there are a lot of shitty programs out there, but to say that all are bad paints with a broad brush. It is up to the individual to find a gym that suits theit needs and goals. If you are near Boston check out TPS Fitness. I am very happy with them

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