Easter 2013 – CrossFit tips

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Here are a few tips on how to spend your CrossFit Easter 2013:

  1. Do 13.4 and consider re-doing it (because there’s time this week)
  2. Train and have time to hang out afterwards with your CrossFit-friends (we will be at Butcher’s Garage having a great 13.4 party)
  3. Visit a new gym
  4. Consider your programming from the Open towards Regionals
  5. Explore your “Regionals City” online (Copenhagen for Europe)
  6. Consider your gym (if you lige in Denmark, Butcher’s Garage is the place to go), programming, training buddies and requirements going forward, if you aren’t amongst the top 48 +/- in your Region (and that was the plan)
  7. Pamper yourself (new training clothes/shoes/gear – online shops are always open)
  8. Go to the sauna/take contrast showers
  9. Spend time working on technique and stretching
  10. SQUAT, train weightlifting (with a coach) and work on gymnastics
  11. Start following great blogs (The Outlaw Way, Anywherefit, Fameboy’s Blog, Competitor’s WOD, Northern Spirit, Catalyst Athletics)
  12. Give nutrition and supplements a thought
  13. Rest and spend time with your family

Happy Easter!

/Ditte & Sarah


One thought on “Easter 2013 – CrossFit tips

  1. Ummm. Ditte’s ass looks AMAZING in that picture, just ridiculous.
    That is all.

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