Link: CrossFit Games Calculator (from Vor Data)

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2013 Open workout descriptions with Julie Foucher

How do you stack up against the CrossFit competition?

Check out the latest CrossFit Games Calculator from Vor Data, which is the result of data analysis of the 2013 CrossFit Games Opens. 

What does the calculator do?
The Vor Data Systems 2013 CrossFit Games Calculator tells you what score you need to achieve 3 increasing levels of performance based on your physical characteristics (gender, age, height, weight).

How does it work?
It uses a mathematical model based on all of the competitor data from the CrossFit Games Open, and then using the model we can determine how someone of your physical characteristics stacks up against Games competitors at 3 increasing levels of performance. The calculator is NOT simply looking for others with your exact physical characteristics and matching you up against them. Instead it looks at ALL of the competitor data (all of the gender/age/height/weight combinations) to come up with an estimate of how you should stack up.



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