Career and CrossFit: Anna Hulda Ólafsdóttir (Iceland)

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  • Name: Anna Hulda Ólafsdóttir
  • Country: Iceland
  • CrossFit Gym: CrossFit Reykjavík
  • Education: M.Sc. in Industrial engineering and about half way through with my PhD program
  • Current job: I am a full time PhD student in engineering at the University of Iceland but I’ve also been teaching a little at the University. Parallel I’m also involved in other things, f.x. I am the vice president of the Icelandic Weightlifting Federation and at the board of an active professional group about Quality Management.
  • Crossfitting since: I’ve been crossfitting since august 2011 and I seem to fall more and more in love with the sport as the time passes.

Best achievements with CrossFit: I ended up in 15th place in the European regionals last year and took the 2nd place in the Fit as Fu*k challenge in 2012. Since then I placed my focus on weightlifting for some time and took 3d place in the Nordic Championships last year and later that year I reached my goal of ranking with the highest sinclair point’s of Icelandic female competitors that year. As a result I was given the title “the female weightlifter of the year 2012”.

How do you balance your everyday (job, kids, career) at the moment?: I have a 3-year old baby girl that I adore more than everything. I often feel that I have no time at all to train but it seems to go hand in hand that when I don’t free myself to train I am less efficient in my work so In a way training gives me time. I just try to keep my training sessions efficient as well, minimizing training that I don’t feel is especially beneficial for my goals. When it all feels too much I just think about my role model, my mother, who passed away just a month after my little angel was born. She was one of those persons that seemed to have at least 50 hours a day. It helps me to be on top of things to stop for a moment and think about her.

What are your future career plans?: To finish my PhD degree and find some suitable job. There are many jobs that appeal to me, maybe I’ll just start at the University teaching System Dynamics. I also recently earned myself a level 1 certificate and I would like to try to coach just a little.

What are your future CrossFit plans?: I decided to join up with my team this year. So I will be competing at the Regionals this year as a team member. I’m a much better crossfitter than last year and I feel my team is strong and ready. There are a lot of very strong teams this year, but our goal is of course to compete at the Games. In August I’m competing at the Nordic championship in Olympic weightlifting so I guess my focus will be shifting between the two sports this year as it did last year.

Any good advice to others trying to balancing it all?: Always remember what really matters in life. Our health, both mentally and physically, must be the foundation of everything else. When it all feels too much, take a moment and prioritize.


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