A Look Back at the 2013 Open: Part II (by the CrossFit Games Analysis)

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Here’s the 2nd and super interesting part of the Open 2013 analysis provided by the CrossFit Games Analysis!

Finally, let’s wrap things up by taking a look at how many athletes stuck with it through all five weeks of the Open. As has been noted in the past, scores from athletes who only compete in the first event or two are not removed from the standings for the weeks in which they did compete. Although strangely, athletes who skip week 1 but compete later do not count at all. I would argue this is not exactly fair, as the first events essentially get weighted more because the size of the field is larger. My analysis, however, did not show that this would have had a significant effect on the final rank of competitors.
Still, it is interesting to look at when and how rapidly athletes drop out of the field. Here are stacked bar charts for the men and women in this year’s field. If an athlete returns to the field after dropping out, that score after returning does not count in my analysis.


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