Career and CrossFit: Katja Harjanne (UK/Finland)

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  • Name: Katja Harjanne
  • Age: 37
  • Country: UK been living in UK since 1998 (born in Finland & nationality Finnish)
  • CrossFit Gym: Crossfit Hove
  • Education: BAHons Business Studies with languages
  • Current job: Conference & Events Sales Manager (Hilton Brighton Metropole)
  • Crossfitting since: May 2011
  • Best achievements with CrossFit: 2nd Crossfit Central Manchester Games 2012 (team). 9th Reebok Fitness Championships June 2012 (individual)

How do you balance your everyday (job, kids, career) at the moment? I work normally 5 days a week Monday-Friday from 8-18. I train 5 times a week and also do coaching at the box 3-4 hours per week. I passed my CF-L1 in March 2013. Most of the days I train after work and get home around 8-9pm, if I would not training I would feel very sluggish! I enjoy both my career and Crossfit and they both balance each other well as my day job can be quite stressful dealing with clients & customers and managing their expectations. I also manage a team of 12 people at work so that has the added pressure. Crossfit both training & coaching after work enables me to forget about work and by the time I get home I am chilled and relaxed and can enjoy few hours reading, catching up with friends or watching tv without work playing in your mind. Weekends I have bit more time to train and also socialise with friends. I have always been fairly active person so I do not miss sitting on the sofa doing nothing! I am lucky as I work with a great team and have made really good friends in Crossfit.

What are your future career plans? I have been working in Hotels for 14 years and will stay probably in Hotels for a while. I enjoy the Business Development and the training side of the business and will look at staying in this area. In addition, I will keep coaching crossfit at the side and who knows what the future holds! It would be fantastic to be able to open up your own box maybe one day!

What are your future CrossFit plans? I am training to improve myself further and as we all know there is no ceiling to this. My dream would be to get to the Regionals one day! And as I said – I really enjoy the coaching side of things as well so will keep learning more to be able to become a better and more knowledgeable coach.

Any good advice to others trying to balancing it all? Don’t skip CrossFit just because you feel tired – You know it will make you feel better! It is of course very individual; however crossfit can really balance your life for you. One hour 3-5 times a week is all you need and you can call it your time! Crossfit is as we all know very sociable sport so it is not all work – its more play!


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