Career and CrossFit: Daniel Elisius Madsen (Denmark)

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  • Name: Daniel Elisius Madsen
  • Age: 28
  • Country: Denmark
  • CrossFit Gym: Butcher’s Garage
  • Education: Insurance educated
  • Current job: Insurance agent/broker
  • Crossfitting since: 2011
  • Best achievements with CrossFit: 100 kg snatch @ 75 kg bw

How do you balance your everyday (job, kids, career) at the moment? I work around my training, selfemployment is great like that.

What are your future career plans? Not letting the business go crazy, so I keep enjoying what I do and having time for my training.

What are your future CrossFit plans? Keep working on my weaknesses, more cardio and keep being awesome at my strengths – structure is the main point for next season.

Any good advice to others trying to balancing it all? Keep focus on whats important and prioritize accordingly

Keep a good eye on Daniel at Regionals. He’ll most likely appear in the team competition! He has a sub 2 min. “Diane”, a crazy fast “Amanda” time as well, and deadlifts 200+ kg for reps @ 75 kg BW!


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