CrossFit and pregnancy

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During the passed months quite a lot of crossfitting moms to be have been writing to me regarding training through a pregnancy and coming back to CrossFit after giving birth. I’m not an expert but I’ve learned a lot from all the stupid mistakes I made during my own pregancy.


My son Carl (4-5 months at that time) and me after an Open WOD in 2011.

My best advise is to:

  • Be realistic about the condition you’re in before getting pregnant
  • Follow (the WODs are super cool) – or learn the scaling principles and follow the WODs at your local gym
  • Follow the training designed to your trimester and don’t be afraid of scaling
  • Don’t lift too heavy (certain lifts) even though you feel stronger than efter
  • Keep doing strict BW work throughout your pregnancy (you will eventually become more and more “naturally weighted” and your strength will go up a lot) – and get a thin power band for support towards the end of your pregnancy
  • Don’t do crazy stuff (and consider worst case scenarios before you go crazy – then it’s probably not worth it, right?)
  • Quit competitions (there will be others where the time is more right)
  • Keep on doing (lighter) cardio work and sub with hill runs/walks towards the end of your pregnancy
  • Towards the end of your pregnancy, you’ll discover all kinds of fun and smart EROM movements to make space for your belly
  • Sleep and rest when needed
  • You’ll quickly discover that you can keep training almost at your current level all the way through your pregnancy (with a few changes)
  • It’s cool to make smart choices!

Getting back in shape:

  • Start slowly, follow the principles on – and listen to your body (you WILL come back quite fast at the same level/even stronger)
  • Join a gym for “baby training” (special classes where you can bring your child while on maternity leave)
  • Get a pair of rings for training at home (it’s time to work on dips/dip progressions, rows, static holds, muscle-up progressions etc.)
  • I started weightlifting with a coach (really low weights), BW exercises with power bandskettlebell training at home, a few WODs and shorter rowing intervals (later: running) + I walked with the stroller every day for 7 months


Ditte and me (just before I gave birth).


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