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Ready for Regionals? Below is an excerpt  from a great article that we found on competition preparation…

We are looking forward to seeing all the best European CrossFit athletes in Copenhagen next weekend! Sarah & Ditte 


All athletes are nervous prior to competition, this is natural, but often it results in a lack of confidence by the athlete. The aim is to refocus the athlete so that they are positive and confident in their ability (“You only achieve what you believe“). The following competition stages focus on track and field athletes but in general, they can be applied to any event or sport.

Day before Competition

  • Keep the training light and easy – work on technique
  • Agree with you coach the objectives of the competition – focus and performance
  • Check and pack all the equipment you will need for competition. Use an equipment checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten
  • Organise food and drink required for the competition
  • Check directions to the venue and plan to leave early so as to allow for any delay en route
  • Have a high carbohydrate dinner
  • Watch a video of good performers in your sport/event
  • Get 7 or 8 hours sleep

Morning of Competition

  • Allow plenty of time between waking and leaving for the competition venue
  • Carry out some light stretching before breakfast
  • Conduct mental rehearsal of your warm up and competition
  • Have a good healthy breakfast. Do not eat or drink anything that will upset your stomach
  • Pack all the required equipment, food and drink
  • Leave with plenty of time to reach the venue

Pre Competition

  • Once you arrive at the venue register and collect numbers
  • Check event times and decide on when to commence your event preparation
  • Fix numbers to club vest
  • Avoid your competitors (speak to them after the event)
  • Have a pre competition sports massage
  • At the appropriate time conduct relaxation and mental rehearsal program
  • Carry out your practiced pre competition warm up program
  • Gather together any equipment you require for the competition
  • Report at appropriate time to the collection point for your event
  • Keep warm, relaxed and focus on your objectives for the competition

Post Competition Evaluation

  • Congratulate your competitors
  • Thank Officials
  • Conduct your rehearsed cool down program
  • Get together with your coach to evaluate the performance. An evaluation form is useful to help the athlete and coach conduct this review.

If you have more heats or events to compete in then refer back to the pre competition stage. After the final event:

  • Have a post competition sports massage
  • Gather equipment together and go home to celebrate

Read the full article on:


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