We LOVE Barbell Complexes – part 2

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Back in March, we posted a blog about barbell complexes – in case you missed it, check it out here: We LOVE Barbell Complexes 

The post was quite popular, so we figured that you might love BB complexes as well. For this reason, we decided to give you some new inspiration by sharing some of the best complexes we’ve done in 2013. Furthermore, we have also added some demonstration videos – we hope that you’ll like it!

Ditte & Sarah

Complex 1: Snatch Push Press / Overhead Squat

  • 3 Snatch Push Press
  • 3 Overhead Squat

Nice and simple, this complex is somewhat ‘low intensity’ but demands a well developed technique and especially a good mobility. If you are very inflexible, substitute Snatch PP with regular push presses (in front). If you are feeling playful, try adding snatch balance or altering the rep scheme.

Complex 2: Powercleans/ Frontsquats / Jerks 

  • 2 Power cleans
  • 2 Front squats
  • 2 Jerks (or shoulder to overhead anyhow)

This complex is fun, because the front squats will make the jerks so much more difficult than normally (Try it, and you know what we mean). Try this for max weight or use a fixed weight and go EMOTM (every minute on the minute) for a brutal workout.

Complex 3: Big Clean Complex (from CompetitorsWOD)

6 sets of the following Complex :

  • High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Press
  • High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk
  • High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Split Jerk
One set consists of all 12 reps. Try not to drop the bar during the entire set; if you must drop after the Overhead movements, it’s allowed – just be quick to get back on the bar.  Rest as needed between sets and try to increase weight after each set.
High Hang – Start with the bar at “the pockets.”
Hang – Start with the bar just above the knee.
Squat Clean – Start with the bar on the ground.
This complex is REALLY hard, especially on the grip and the quads/hips. It’s fun to do with a group of 2-3 persons competing against each other. Try finding someone that lifts about the same as you do in the clean and jerk and make a mini competition: Barbell starts at 35/50 kg and increase with 5-10 kg every round. Contestants take turns finishing the complex at the given weight. Once you fail to complete the complex, you’re out of the competition. The winner is the last person standing.

One thought on “We LOVE Barbell Complexes – part 2

  1. I liked complex #1 the most, since it included the snatch. Thanks!

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