Summer (CrossFit) Reads 2013


Training enthusiasts can find a lot of great resources online, but sometimes it’s just nice to hang out on the beach or in the park and read a great book!  During the summer, we are going to share some of our favorite training-related literature, and encourage you to do the same. Subjects can be anything training related, including mental training or athlete biographies.

Please post your tips in the comments below!

Ditte & Sarah


7 thoughts on “Summer (CrossFit) Reads 2013

  1. “Becoming a Supple Leopard” by Kelly Starrett…

  2. In Pursuit of Excellence af Terry Olick – Omhandler mental træning, jeg synes der er flere gode værktøjer og idéer i den.

  3. I’m looking forward to the new Rich Froning book “First”. Should be a fun read.

  4. I think we already had ‘Inside the box’ last year, but I’ll look into that. In regards to the Rich book – yes that should be interesting 🙂 thank you for the inputs!

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