Asics Push Into CrossFit (by the RX Review)

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Another great player is about to enter the CrossFit scene.

Now with Reebok coming into the sector, it was only a matter a time before some of their competitors decided they too wanted a piece of the action.

Enter Asics. In a new campaign launched last week named, “What’s Next,” they showcased a 60-second advert that displayed individuals squatting, sprinting, running, box jumping, sled pulling and doing muscle-ups, on top of a variety of other movements.

What was interesting to see is many of the exercises appeared to be done in environments that looked strikingly similar to your everyday CrossFit box.

In a recent interview with Ad Age, Shannon Scott, the director of marketing and communication at Asics talked about their push into this new segment of the market they call “training.”

When asked specifically by Ad Age what they would do to catch up to competitors like Reebok in the CrossFit space, Scott stated, “We’re not planting our flag just in Zumba or studio or Crossfit. We’ll be a strong competitor by offering multiple products.”

Read the entire blog post by Michael McCoy for the RX Rewiew here:


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