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This article might be more straight-forward than anything we would write, but if you don’t take it too personally it’s actually quit fun and provocative. Read it and judge for yourself 🙂


Real Women…? (by Roni Davis,

The media is frequently criticized for promoting images of women with what everyone claims to be unrealistically skinny or completely unattainable, perfect bodies–or even flat out photoshopping images to make them more “perfect” …and subsequently less “real”. Well, now they seem to be trying to change that by promoting images of “real” women–emphasizing that women need to just accept the bodies they’re in because that’s what’s “real”. Well, I have huge issues with that message.

“To hell with society, be happy with what God gave you.”

…is the common theme. Well sweetie, I have news for you. “God” didn’t give you a size 14 ass. Wanna know something else? Neither did pregnancy. Your shitty eating habits and your lifestyle have given you a size 14 ass.

Recently a plus sized blogging mom made news for sporting a bikini online. Must have been a slow news day. Anyway, the headlines were something about her desire to show what “REAL” women REALLY look like in a bikini.

Really now? Is that so? Okie dok, I’ll play….

Link to the full article:


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