New inspiration: The Top 20 fitness blogs on the net…

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Here’s a great list of the top 20 fitness blogs on the net by for new inspiration. The list contains everything from CrossFit, fitness in general, personal training, and strongman – to weightloss, endurance training and all kinds of underground training.

Read the entire list here:

#11 – Nate Green

Nate is a young, up and coming trainer who just put out a new book that deals with working out and picking up girls (sounds good to me!)

Nate’s training regimen is more on the bodybuilding side, but he still uses very functional movements like front squats, deadlifts and pullups. On top of that, he’s a pretty cool guy too!

#10 – Stronglifts

Stronglifts is a blog written by Mehdi specifically about strength training. They have a great archive of posts and the forum is still active every day.

Hopefully Mehdi jumps back on the blogging bandwagon soon, he hasnt posted in a while.

#9 – The Diesel Crew

The Diesel Crew are some of the toughest guy’s you’ll ever see. They do a lot of strongman, powerlifting and grip training for athletes. They have pretty cool videos on their site as well as good content on the blog that gets updated pretty often.

#8 – Mark’s Daily Apple

Written by Mark Sisson, Mark’s Daily Apple is an awesome nutrition blog that focuses mainly on living a life like our ancestors did. This means eat real food, lift heavy things, run, play and get lots of sleep.

Cant say I can argue with that…

#7Zach Even Esh

The wild man Zach Even Esh has a great blog that he regularly posts on. Zach is known for his underground strength training style. A lot of his training methods are similar to ours at Gym Junkies.

Zach also posts videos on his blog usually 4-5 times per week, so you can see some great workout vids from him. As a bonus you get to hear his REAL Jersey accent everyday haha!


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