Summer CrossFit Reads: “In Pursuit of Excellence”

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Author: Terry Orlick

Terry Orlick, PhD, is a world-renowned leader in the applied field of mental training and excellence. A former gymnastics champion and coach, Orlick has served as a sport psychology consultant for the past 28 years to hundreds of Olympic athletes in more than 25 different sports, including alpine skiing, canoeing, figure skating, basketball, and ski jumping. He has acted as a performance enhancement consultant and mental skills coach for several Olympic Games, as well as a consultant for various professional and developmental teams.

Former president of the International Society for Mental Training and Excellence, Orlick has authored more than 20 highly acclaimed books, including Embracing Your Potential (1998 Human Kinetics) and Psyching for Sport (1986 Human Kinetics). He has created innovative programs for children and youth to develop humanistic perspectives and positive mental skills for living, and his two books The Cooperative Sports and Games Book (1978 Pantheon Books) and Feeling Great: Teaching Children to Excel at Living (1998 Creative Bound) have had great impact on children and their quality of life.

Orlick is a professor in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and founder of the innovative new Journal of Excellence. He holds distinguished service awards from numerous Olympic and education associations, as well as a certificate of merit from the Canadian government for distinguished service to the community. He has given lectures on the pursuit of excellence in virtually every corner of the world.

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