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Here’s a great article by about Thomas Rode, a Danish Michellin chef and passionate about training and the paleo diet.

What do you see for the future for Paleo in Denmark?

At the moment it’s exploding, and everybody is raving about the Paleo lifestyle. It seems as if everybody is really excited to achieve their full potential and be the best versions of themselves. From where I stand, it’s amazing to experience. I have never tried to be in the middle of the “hurricane” – being in the right spot at exactly the right time like this before. People are embracing my book with all of their hearts and are even kind enough to send me recipes they are working on, too, and that makes me bloody humble and happy.

I sold around 20,000 copies of my new book in just the first two months, which is unheard of in a small country like Denmark. The Paleo DK Facebook site counts more 8,000 members, so I think that Paleo has a bright future in Denmark. We’re not talking a fad diet here, we’re talking about eating and behaving as we were designed to from nature’s side, and not how the food industry wants us to eat and behave. It starts with food… proper food, that is!

What are some of your favorite non-Paleo foods – and how often do you personally go “off plan?”

Like everyone else I sometimes have cravings, but over time I’m able to control it. That’s what it’s all about; taking back control over your life and your behaviours. My most frequent cheat would probably be alcohol, but again I’m still in control and decide when to and when not to. As I like to indulge myself and the Mrs. with a glass of nicely made wine, a cocktail or an ice cold beer, there’s no place for the other things on a regular basis. I’ll have to choose, and I do. I’m the master of my life.

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