Male Gym Behavior

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I found this small piece on male gym behavior, summarizing some of the male arch types and their actions and inactions at the gym. Really fun in a subtle way. You can find the whole thing here on the blog ‘a second chance’.

From the text:

” Some guys go to the gym, and they are the fucking shit. I’m the baddest-lookin motherfucker alive, ain’t nobody got shit on me. Others are just angry. Angry at themselves, angry at what other people see when they look at them. And then there are some who are there to do some noble work, but they may never get where they’re trying to go.

What they all have in common, is that they are all dissatisfied. They may not know it, but they are not happy with something in their lives. You don’t go to a place of change unless you want to change something.


Some men try to be helpful to the women in the gym. Sometimes they are annoying. That’s dangerous, you should be careful, trust me, I would know. Sometimes they are actually helpful. Keep the knees pointed out, sport. Some guys ignore the girls. What the fuck are they doing here anyway. Some guys pretend to ignore the girls, but grope them optically through mirrors. They are all desperately in love, in one way or another. ” 


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