They’ve gotta be on steroids. Haven’t they? (by Spartan Strength and Conditioning)



This article They’ve gotta be on steroids. Haven’t they? deals with a very talked-about subject within (and outside) the CrossFit environment: The use of PEDs. As you might have experienced for yourselves CrossFit, as a competition discipline, entails so many different exercises skills and physiological domains that the athletes have to master. This inevitably means that competition level CrossFitters have to pack in a LOT of hours of training every week. For persons standing outside and looking at these athletes, it’s clear that the question arises: “how do they deal with all that physical and mental stress without getting into a state of overtraining?”. Perhaps some people are simply build to endure more volume than others, genetically gifted with a very high work-capacity. Perhaps some have to supplement their ‘natural’ talents with a little extra. Whatever the case, the hard work and dedication of these athletes can not be questioned. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty, something we all need to remember.

We think that it’s brave of Spartan Strength and Conditioning to raise this subject on their blog, and we encourage you to read the article. – Sarah & Ditte

“There’s a lot of confusion out there regarding steroids, performance enhancing drugs, what effect they would have on CrossFitters, and if there are any CrossFitters on it. Here’s the thing: there are plenty of CrossFitters taking PEDs because people in general are kind of dumb and dumb people find it important to try to impress other dumb people who couldn’t care less.”

“CrossFit is increasingly there to be shot at and the drug use issue is never going to go away. It will come with the territory as the professionalism of it being a sport advances and we keep saying we have the fittest on earth. Mostly the chatter will be idle debate like this with very little facts to go off. I’m also sure the competent drug testing policy will always be a few steps behind the increases in prize money and the athletes going after that at any cost. This just might be one of those ways that CrossFit loses a little of its purity at the top end. Rich Froning Jnr sums it up nicely. He quotes from the Biggie Smalls rap song in the journal video ” with more money, more problems”!”

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