Addicted to Training? When PASSION turns into OBSESSION

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We all know that training is healthy right? So that means that more training must be more healthy? Not always. For some people, training becomes the sole purpose in life and a rigid training regime is prioritized over friends, family and life in general. Here at FIT AS FU*K we believe in finding a balance between social life, work and exercise. If you experience that you are missing that balance, you might have a training addiction. Training addiction is a very real condition, affecting more and more people. Training styles like CrossFit, triathlon and other extreme endurance sports that requires a very comprehensive training effort, might result in training addiction. If not treated properly, training addiction can turn into a serious threat to your mental and physical wellbeing.

We hope that you all take good care of yourselves and each other!

Sarah and Ditte

Like pharmacological drugs, physical exercise may be chemically addictive. One theory is that this addiction is due to natural endorphins and dopamine generated and regulated by the exercise.[2] Whether strictly due to this chemical by-product or not, some people can be said to become addicted to or fixated on psychological/physical effects of physical exercise and fitness.[3] This may lead to overexercise, resulting in the “overtraining” syndrome.[4]  (source:

Find out more about training addiction here:


One thought on “Addicted to Training? When PASSION turns into OBSESSION

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