INTERVENTION (print/E-book by Dan John)



We just discovered that Dan John has released a new book called INTERVENTION which looks very interesting. Besides being extremely knowledgeable and experienced within strength training and athletics, Dan John is a superb storyteller. The book can be bought from different websites including amazon. Check out this teaser from his own webpage below:

You have two choices:

  •  Be lucky enough in middle school, junior high or high school to be taught basic body movements and step-by-step instructions in the Olympic lifts, powerlifting, mobility, flexibility, kettlebell training & tumbling
  • Apply Intervention

For most of us, it’s option two.

Five Principles

Here are the answers, but the questions are the real keys–

  1. Strength training for lean body mass and joint mobility work trump everything else.
  2. Fundamental human movements are… fundamental.
  3. Standards and gaps must be constantly assessed.
  4. The notion of ‘park bench’ and ‘bus bench’ workouts must be applied throughout the training lifetime.
  5. Constantly strive for mastery and grace.

——— / ———

Let me summarize the basic points of Chapter 23 here:

My philosophy for strength training, and no surprise here, is based on three concepts:

1. Movements, not muscle

The Fundamental Human Movements

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Hinge
  • Squat
  • Loaded Carries
  • The “Sixth Movement” – This is everything else from rolling, to half kneeling work, to lunges, and one arm. It also included torque, twisting, rotational and antirotational work.

2. “If it is important, do it every day, if it isn’t, don’t do it at all.”

This is a quote attributed to wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Gable
If we know the moves, how do we decide “when” to do them? I argue: every day. In my approach, we will explore the basic movements in nearly every workout. With most athletes, the movement needs repeating far more than most people think. At the elite levels of track and field and Olympic lifting, the total number of full movements is simply staggering.

3. Repetitions…lots of repetitions.

I can’t say it any better than what I learned from a hearing impaired discus thrower that I worked with a few years ago. He had become very good and I asked him his secret. He took his right middle finger and twisted it over his right index finger. and then slapped it into his left palm. In sign language, it means “repetition.”

This chapter can stand alone, I believe.


3 thoughts on “INTERVENTION (print/E-book by Dan John)

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  2. Hi !


    I love Dan John…..

    You know I mentioned that I did a podcast – along the same sort of lines of Barbell Shrugged….and you mentioned youd help us plug it when we did a good one?!

    Well, we just released a good one that covers crossfit and sports psychology! (eventually)

    We have posted the links to the podcast on our soundcloud page and would appreciate any help or assistance you could provide! We are still in our infancy and still learning how to actually speak on podcasts but think we have something quite nice and unique. Big Haty is a current Crossfitter/Ironman in training and I am a recovering Crossfitter/Strength athlete in training. We talk about all things!

    See the link and let me know what you think?!


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