Fat Loss with Weight Training


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Ask any highly successful person how they got where they are today, and I highly doubt is was that they found a product on late night television that drastically changed their lives in almost no time.  Nor will they tell you they got there from doing the same grinding activity day after day without evolving.  I’m referencing fad products and aerobic training here.  These people got where they are by adapting, evolving, and working hard consistently.  You should expect nothing less from an exercise program.


A typical Fat Loss Workout Using Weight Training has these things in common

    • A high work to rest ratio. – This is not your 20 seconds of bicep curls followed by walking in front of the mirror for 5 minutes routine.
    • It’s hard, and gets harder as the sets get higher. – Fat loss workouts should fatigue your system making each set harder and harder.  If you can use the same weights for the same reps throughout the whole workout, you are either resting too much or not working hard enough and need to increase the weights and use longer sets.
    • Its a big movement – This means it requires a large range of motion for the muscle to go through.  A full squat requires a lot more movement than a small step up.
    • It crosses multiple joints. – An example of this would be a squat or lunge which require movement at the hip and knee or a row which moves at the elbow and shoulder.  Crossing multiple joints means more muscles are involved.  The more muscles involved the greater systemic response you can produce to solicit fat burning effects.
    • You will lift heavy weights.  – Now heavy is relative to the individual.  It doesn’t matter how much weight is on the bar, but it does matter that you are busting your butt to move it.
    • The exercise can break the anaerobic/lactic thresholds. – Basically if it’s not an exercise that you could make someone gasp for air with, its not going to be very effective by itself.  You have to be very strong to be able to go breathless from a set of bicep curls before they would just give out from fatigue.  A sign of high lactic acid is that burning in your muscles and nausea in you stomach.  The creation of lactic acid is crucial for the stimulation of fat burning hormones.  If you’re not doing big multi joint exercises with the right reps, tempo, and rest intervals, you can make a good exercise ineffective.
    • It’s at least 4 times per week.  – Frequency is very important when working out for weight loss.  Lifting weights more frequently keeps you in a more positive metabolic state and help increase insulin sensitivity more.  Those two things are so important to fat loss that working fat loss programs using 4x/week weight training vs 3x per week are 50% more effective.
    • It comes with a nutrition program. – No personal trainer/coach that is worth their weight in salt will ever put someone through a fat loss program without proper nutritional and supplemental guidance that is tailored to their body and the program they are going to undertake.

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