Samantha Briggs (UK): Fittest Woman on Earth!



Congratulations to Samantha Briggs, who by winning the Games this year, ensures that the fittest woman on earth still lives in Europe 🙂 

Here’s how it went for the rest of the European athletes:


  • Frederik Ægidius – ranked 15th (612 points)
  • Lacee Kovacs – ranked 25th (564 points)
  • Mikko Aronpää – ranked 30th (495 points)


  • Samantha Briggs – ranked 1st (920 points)
  • Caroline Fryklund – ranked 17th (656 points)
  • Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir – ranked 24th (585 points)


  • CrossFit Nordic – ranked 9th (516 points)
  • CrossFit Stöðin – Thor – ranked 17th (456 points)
  • Reebok CrossFit Reykjavík – ranked 19th (446 points)

This must surely be the best year for European CrossFit athletes at the Games! Great to see that the level in our region is continuing to rise! GOOD JOB to all involved, we hope that you take some days of well-deserved rest 🙂  


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