CrossFit Arts News: Train (Manchester)

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The gym was intended to bring something new to Manchester’s health and fitness scene and thus offered a mix of CrossFit, strength and conditioning training for a broad audience.

The initial client brief was clear; the design of the gym had to be accessible. A layout had to be created which would meet a mixed audience; the client couldn’t compromise on the expectations of its dedicated CrossFit community customers – who were used to a distinct underground feel – or without hindering the ability to attract new audiences and the general residential community surrounding TRAIN.

A new, distinct brand also had to work in the building, which was a former light industrial unit. Signage, wayfindiing and other physical displays of the brand were integral to the brief and would help people understand the space which was anything but conventional in the leisure sector.

The result is that one year on the gym has 250 full time members who are trained by international CrossFit champion Samantha Briggs and a team of other specialists. Members are encouraged to use the space differently than conventional gyms.

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