3 fun ways to reward yourself for training

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Fall is coming – and so days are getting shorter, darker and more rainy.  It might get increasingly difficult to find the motivation for hitting the gym – BUT off course you are not going to quit! Instead of staying at home and feeling sorry for yourself, plan to reward yourself for being persistent in your training efforts. The possibilities are endless, but here’s some fun suggestions:


  • GOAL: Set a new PR.
  • REWARD: Let someone else cook you dinner

Choose a lift/workout/exercise that you want to improve and set a deadline for when you want to hit a PR. As a reward, allow yourself to get dinner from a nice restaurant or maybe a delicious healthy take-away place. We recommend something spicy with lots of vegetables to warm and refresh the body.


  • GOAL: Go to the gym 25 times in 1 month
  • REWARD: Buy a foam roller or get a nice massage

Make a homemade ‘voucher’ or simply use your phone to keep track of your gym attendance. If you reach the goal of for instance 25 trips to the gym in 30 days, book time for a good sports massage or buy a foam roller and do the job yourself.


  • GOAL: Accumulate 100 K of running /rowing or biking
  • REWARD: Update your winter training wardrobe

Keep track of all your endurance work and work towards accumulating 100 K (everything counts). Once you’ve reached 100 K (or more if you want a more ambitious goal), treat yourself with a warm addition to your training wardrobe. It could be a set of winter run tights or a good running jacket.


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