Great article: “Why do people hate CrossFit”


Here’s a great article about all the haters of CrossFit! 


CrossFitters are too intense

In addition to attacks on CrossFit itself being too intense, the haters roll out on pretty regular basis that CrossFitters are too intense. Let’s pause for a second.

Have you met Triathletes? Runners? Cyclists? Bowling leagues? Poker players? Basketball players (the pickup kind)? Hipsters?

Read the entire article here:


2 thoughts on “Great article: “Why do people hate CrossFit”

  1. Agreed. There’s another huffington post article floating around here that has my non-crossfit supporting friends and family all wrapped up in trying to perform an intervention or something to talk me out of crossfit. It can get exhausting trying to project the “this makes me happy. I’m not hurting myself or anyone else. So leave me alone” :p

  2. My uncle is a Crossfit hater..and a runner/triathlete. That guy has more overuse injuries than ANYONE i’ve ever met-in or out of the box .But that doesn’t phase him-he just accepts it as part of running. Yet i said i tweaked my back during Crossfit total (stupid) and he rants about the inherent dangers of it.

    Eventually, if you do something high intensity and long enough and enough times, you WILL get injured. When i ran long distances I literally was injured every 8-10 months with some sort of overuse injury and would have to scale back. When I trained muay thai I had cracked ribs, broke little bones in my feet and had shoulder issues. I’ve only had one issue with Crossfit-in 16 months.

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