5 Hottest Fitness Trends of 2013 (so far)

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It’s always nice to get some new inspiration for your training! We found this list on abc News with the latest trends. Some of them might not be right down your alley – but for instance #1 ‘Mud runs and obstacle races’ is already popular with CrossFitters in Denmark.


#1 Mud runs and obstacle races
Theme races are huge this year and with good reason: they combine two things you love to do. But did you know some of the most popular races are also the dirtiest? (…) Every race is different, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style. One thing they all have in common: everyone who finishes seems to want to do it again. Best of all, there are races all over the country planned through the rest of the summer and the fall, so there’s still time to check them out in 2013.

#2 Employees get in shape with Reebok CrossFit ONE

CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman build his program on the idea that “fit people and strong communities can change the world.” Reebok, Rockport and Adidas are taking this to a new level by offering 4 week CrossFit courses to their employees.

#3 Soulcycle vs Flywheel vs Kinetic

We are living in the renaissance age of spin classes. For upscale spinning, Soulcycle and Flywheel fill the need for (stationary) speed in cities across the country

#4 Pound

Rockout, Workout classes turn your entire body into a rhythm instrument. (..) pound combines rhythm and weighted drumsticks called Ripstix into a full body cardio jam session

#5 Dance fusion classes

A few years ago, Zumba was everything. Now, dance-based fitness has snowballed into a whole subset of classes that include newcomers like Doonya and GROOV


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