5 Benefits of Proper Programming: Is Your Coach Up to Par? (by

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Still haven’t found the right programming/coach – or having a hard time reaching the next level of fitness?

Here are 5 strong tips:

Is your training….

  1. Individualized, and personally tailored?
  2. Designed for achieving both long and short-term goals?
  3. Tracking progress, building on successes, pinpointing weaknesses and strengths?
  4. Eliminating plateaus?
  5. Programmed by someone who cares?


Personally, I’ve achieved much more by training with coaches in both weightlifting, CrossFit, and specific skills (gymnastics) who program specifically for me – and who really cares. I know that this way is not for all, but it’s for sure worth taking into consideration if you’re seeing the results, you’re expecting.


Read the great blog post here:


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