10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Weighlifting (

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On our way to Al Bank Weightlifting Cup 2013 (Ålborg, Denmark, sinclair competition) this past Saturday (a long drive from Copenhagen), I was reading this blog post to my fellow weightlifting friends and we all agreed that it fits quite well….

The weightlifting meet went quite well for our club (IK99 Weightlifting Club) and we returned to Copenhagen with 3 out of 6 senior medals. Tim Kring (1st), Karina Hauge (1st), me (3rd).

  1. Your thumbs are going to hurt
  2. Your knees are going to hurt
  3. Your soul is going to hurt
  4. Your pants will no longer fit
  5. You will not have a social life
  6. You will develop an elitist mentality towards anyone doing the movements less than perfectly
  7. All other sports not under the realm of a certain drug testing body are on drugs
  8. You will understand the proper terms for the sport and the movements involved, and will grow irrationally annoyed by those who say it wrong
  9. You have to pick a side
  10. All other good athletes should become weightlifters



Read the entire blog post here:


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