Building the ultimate body (John Berardi for T-Nation)

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I remember reading this article a long time ago, at that time it was posted on John Berardi’s own webpage. I often though about it since and it has inspired me a lot. By incidence, the article popped up when I was browsing T-Nation and it was definitely worth reading again – so I though that I might as well share it with others! -Ditte

Lemay Doan, Catriona | Garbecht-Enfeldt, Monique

From the article: 

“Come to find out, no one told Catriona that her muscles would catabolize themselves if she exercised for more than 45 minutes at a time. And no one told her that she’d overtrain if she lifted weights more than 3-4 times per week.

No, she wasn’t cautioned that if she did any aerobic work, she’d lose all her muscle mass. Nor was she told that eating more than 100g of carbs would make her fat. And she certainly wasn’t provided kettlebells, bosu balls, gymnastics rings, or any of the latest faddy equipment to help her reach her training and body comp goals.

Nope, Catriona simply trained 2-3 times per day, accumulating about 15-20 hours of physical activity per week. She worked on multiple physiological qualities during each training phase, including: speed strength, maximal strength, elastic strength, muscular endurance, anaerobic power, and aerobic power. She skated, biked, and ran at different intensities and durations. She did Olympic lifts. She did max effort lifts. She did plyometrics. And she ate a high calorie, mixed macronutrient diet that included liquid recovery supplements.

And thank God!

If she would have bought into any of the current fitness nonsense or weird fitness trends; if she would have learned to be deathly afraid of overtraining, or if she would have been scared of any particular macronutrient, she would never have become a world and Olympic champion, never would have become one of the most recognizable speed skaters of all time, and likely never would have had such fine, fine legs. “

Link to the full article. 


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