How to cope with the success of others (tips and tricks)

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This blog post is about being the weakest person in the room. It’s also about finding the right balance between apathy and obsession. It’s about genuinely wanting the best for others – and yourself.

You might be in the same situation as I am. Fortunate enough to train with the best of the best. It should never be considered a disadvantage, and I will be careful not to classify it as such. However, sometimes it can be a great mental challenge. Here is what I’ve learned, nothing new I guess, but I think that it’s good to remind yourself.

– Ditte

  • Compare yourself to YOU

Keep track of your own progress, instead of waiting to become as good/strong/fast as the person standing next to you. Training is your own personal journey and whatever you experience along the way is valuable to you. People can be better at sports for a lot of reasons, and often you don’t even have insight into the sacrifices that they did to get there. Sometimes they are just more genetically gifted or faster learners- but who cares?

  • Celebrate succes

Remember to celebrate when you hit a new PR! Who cares if it’s already been done before by someone else? Not celebrating is like neglecting the work that you did to get there. Even if you lift way less than people you train with, you should still be happy when you make progress. It’s never “not a big deal” or “still not good enough” or “good enough taking into consideration that it’s you bla bla bla”. It’s awesome!

  • Be honest and positive

It’s ok to feel a little jealous some times – in fact that’s only human. However, you need to be honest with yourself and others when the feelings pop up. Just say aloud “wow, you’re doing really great – I wish I could be that strong” and then it’s out in the open. There’s nothing worse than people clinging on to frustrations and creating a bad atmosphere in the gym.

  • If you have a low self-esteem – FIX IT

Honestly, no barbell in the world is gonna help you with that.


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